At Winnetka Shell, we are proud to have Shell V-Power Nitro+ and Nitrogen gasoline. We also feature diesel fuel at pumps 5 and 6.

While Shell’s fuel will help your care run cleaner, we offer a variety ways to save money. These include:

  • Shell Fuel Rewards Card-Save at least 3¢ a gallon on all fuel purchases plus save money by shopping in the Fuel Rewards Online Mall and in the store at Winnetka Shell. Can be used with any method of payment, including the methods listed below.
  • Drive for Five Card-Save 5¢ a gallon when you purchase 45 to 100 gallons of gas a month at Shell.
  • Shell Mastercard-Save money on gas for purchases you make on your credit card.
  • Shell Fleet Plus Card (Business Only)-Save 15¢ a gallon on all fuel purchases for the first year. Click here for more details.

Any of these savings card can be combined with Winnetka Shell gas coupons, and any of the payment cards may be combined with the Fuel Rewards Card and Winnetka Shell gas coupons to maximize your savings. Ask us about any of these cards to find out more about how you can save money on gas with each of these cards.

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